Welcoming the artist

To my broken-hearted 22-year-old self

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

It’s something you learn. 

At an early age, they will dig your grave and teach you how to walk towards it. You will see, hear and learn.

You will learn when to speak and when to be quiet. Who to love and who to hate. What to aspire to and what to run away from. Which professions to honour and which to despise. Without realizing it, you will learn where to find your worth… and you will still have to earn it.

It takes a village to raise a corpse. 

Don’t be afraid. Jesus will set you free. You will learn that He has conquered all the graves that you will ever encounter.

You will also learn that worship goes beyond words, pitches and emotions. That nobody is worthless or worth less. That work does not define you. That one can wholeheartedly hope in empty things. That you couldn’t possibly earn your worth. You will learn and finally understand that Jesus paid it all on the cross.

It takes a Saviour to raise a corpse.

Whatever you learn, remember that none of this is about you. Your kingdom, the one in which you deserve and expect it all, will fall. Praise God. Another grave conquered.

Hold on to God. To the One whose Word was true from the beginning. To the One who loves to love you. Hold on to your true King.

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