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Il tempo è compiuto by Kose

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Italian Lyrics      French Translation


Title: The time is fulfilled

The time is fulfilled.

The life that I have

Is the biggest gift I ever received,

And for all the times I said “no”, Lord help me.

Too many times I fell,

And every time it happened I found your help.

I’ve never known a love bigger than this.

During all the time that I’ve grown

At the foot of the cross, I never found rejection.

Evil hurts,

It always weighs me down

It confuses my thoughts

With only doubts and fears, who can ever walk?

But you don’t forsake me, and I can testify.

My joy is real, and here I want to shout it out.

Just for today, let me do it.

I couldn’t dream of a more beautiful life than this one,

A project of love for me who is incapable of loving.

You can try to hide the death of your heart.

I did it, but it was much more painful. 

Pretending to be free and thinking it’s normal,

That this is how it goes, 

That you are born and die here,

And that freedom 

Is only for some,

While for others destiny only has difficult days.

So you neglect those around you.

Time flies by if you don’t get on the field.

You either play your life, or someone will play it for you.

You either love, or you hate, 

But walking in between does not make a holy man.

The world can laugh at me just as much as I laughed at it when I thought I was a god.

But I am not God,

And what seems obvious, is not,

And doesn’t come from me.

I transform myself to feel like a man, to feel renewed.

I ask for your forgiveness,

Nobody can break through a wall of deception, of smoke,

Fruit of a failed love.

Actions that I thought were good, but that condemned me to be insensitive,

Sometimes invincible when it came to drunkenness and excess.

I’ve always tried to gain access to a senseless world.

When I look at my past I see masks and burdens. 

A dream of infinity, preceding a turning point.

Love is a look, a hug, a way that does not judge.

This source is the only salvation,

Eternal promise, that renews me and the earth, and that has the power to give back dignity,

To give life abundantly to the one who doesn’t have it.

We spend ourselves until we become expendable.

When I bend my knees, mercy, mercy! 

Time has a limit and I want to live it! 

If I don’t love, I fall under the weight of anguish. 

I’m always looking for a new thrill,

Running after happiness, Running after

Everything that doesn’t give me life, 

And doesn’t satisfy my thirst.

A drink! Mercy! Mercy!

You gave all of yourself for my sin,

You gave all of yourself for my sin, 

Mercy, mercy, you are mercy! 

Grant me, to remove all the arrogance that I carry, 

Surround me,

And even now, teach me to bend my knees 


When I don’t love, 

Mercy, mercy! 

For the times when my indifference silences my conscience,

Mercy, mercy! 

Your love is so immense, that everything is forgotten. 

Even the most perverted can hope in your mercy, mercy, mercy.


Italian Lyrics      French Translation


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