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Fullness of Faith

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

Goodie-goodies. Holier-than-thou. Boring.

These words came to mind as I meditated on the parable of the ten minas found in Luke 19: 11-27.

I began to wonder what these faithful servants might have experienced in their master’s absence.

What would it have been like to serve someone who was so blatantly despised? Would they have been mocked for taking their master’s instructions seriously? Or criticized for making profits for a man whose authority was publicly rejected? Would they have been ostracized for living counter-culturally?

Hmmm. That sounded familiar.

It reminded me of the prophets… Jesus… the apostles… and the countless Christians around the world who face trials for God’s sake.

It reminded me that faithfulness might be beautiful, but it isn’t always easy. It isn’t just about hearing God’s instructions. Faithfulness requires obedience, action, discipline, perseverance and patience.

It requires faith to hold fast to God’s word regardless of the circumstances. Regardless of how convenient or inconvenient it might be. Regardless of what it might cost.

Dear Lord,

Let our talents not be spent aimlessly, nor hidden fearfully

Let them be spent purposefully

and multiplied abundantly

for your Glory

Let us not grumble as we do your work

Nor find comfort in complacency

Let us not bury the talents that you have placed in us

In the pursuit of practicality

Let us not procrastinate, nor tolerate a life that wasn’t meant for us

Simply because we fear rejection, persecution, loneliness or mockery

Let your vision. Your calling. Your purpose be accomplished in each and every one of us

Your children. Your friends.

Lead us, I pray.

In the Name of Jesus,



I want to do my part

I pray for faith to the fullest

For fullness of faith

For faithfulness


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